John O Donnell Fife Builders are experts in New House Builds. If you would like to build your dream house or are thinking of building a property as an investment and you have your own plot of land then we have have the experience to help you.

When building a house teething problems can occur as the building work is in progress. You must also have a firm understanding of the process, from drawing plans to getting planning permission, liaising with local planning officers, and commencing with the build, are all aspects where Fife Builders John O Donnell builders have a wealth of knowledge and experience. If you have little or no experience in the building trade or an understanding of the implications of building a new home then you can put your trust in us.

When building a new home it requires a project manager on site constantly, over seeing the progress, and making decisions big or small, problem solving on a daily basis, consulting and communicating decisions are all aspects we specialise in. After all  John O Donnell Fife Builders realise that time is money.

One critical aspect of building a new build home is time management, and while in the process of constructing a new build home, its vital that all the different trades work together and complete deadlines in a timely fashion, for the different stages of development to be able to move forward and be completed on time. Time management and communication between builder and customer is the key to a project finishing on time and budget, but also combined with organisational skills, building knowledge and experience.

At John o Donnell Fife Builders have vast experience in new build projects. For further information call us today for a FREE no obligation chat on how we can help you make your dream a reality

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